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Check Out My Band

http://indemand.buzznet.com/user/ Please check out my band! :) We need all of the exposure we can get. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook.:)
fgdrummer4ever Oct 20, 2012

Who Has the Best Fan Army?

I have a question!!! Who has the best fan army name? So many to choose from, I know, but will YOUR favorite come out on…
fgdrummer4ever Jul 18, 2011
My New Lookpic
My New Lookpic

My New Look

I'm Changing my look. More pictures to come. Like?
fgdrummer4ever Jul 17, 2011

Bill Brings About the Beard

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce the one, the ONLY Bill Kaulitz....with a beard. Yes. A beard! Who would've expected Bill to grow…
fgdrummer4ever Jun 09, 2011

Should Kim Kardashian Change

As we all know, Kim Kardashian is now engaged to basketball player player Kris Humphreys. For a long time she was considering keeping her last…
fgdrummer4ever Jun 02, 2011
All Time Low In The Studiovid

All Time Low In The Studio

All Time Low working on new album Dirty Work and drawing naughty things on Vinny's face. See if you can figure out each song they're…
fgdrummer4ever May 31, 2011
Bill Kaulitz: THE Futuristic Lovervid

Bill Kaulitz: THE Futuristic Lover

Somebody get me a bucket PLZ! It should be illegal to look that good! This song describes Bill SO well bcuz ppl hate on his…


Is it just or r u just watching this video bcuz u have homework? O.o just sayin.
fgdrummer4ever May 20, 2011
Ultimate Dog Teasevid

Ultimate Dog Tease

.......wish my dog could talk. Me and this dog could be good friends cuz it so happens that I like food too! :-O
fgdrummer4ever May 14, 2011
Holly and Jack Barakatvid

Holly and Jack Barakat

OMG! Jack is usually so...hyper and childish. But around Holly it's a WHOLE nother story. Check it out. ;)
Tucker Cover of Fridayvid

Tucker Cover of Friday

These guys are cute!
fgdrummer4ever Mar 30, 2011
My New Basspic

My New Bass

This is my new Ibanez bass.
fgdrummer4ever Mar 26, 2011
Me Messin Aroundpic
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About Me:

First things first...Ich liebe Tokio Hotel! They have inspired me to follow my dream when I was ready to give up. I'm starting a band with some friends and I just know it will work out. I play drums(gotta love em), piano, all saxophones, ukulele, and can play bass. Singing...eh...not so much my FORTE. I'm starting a band with musikchik415. Check her out fo sho! Last thing...LOVE TOKIO HOTEL! Dont 4get to Buzz and comment. You buzz me I buzz you. :-)

P.S If they ever see this and comment I might just pass out. OK Bye!


music, sports

Favorite Music:

alltimelow, lady gaga, rihanna, tokio hotel

Favorite Movies:

Hilfe!, Tokio Hotel Caught on Camera, alltimelow straight to DVD, avatar, juno

Favorite TV Shows:

Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Palladia, SpongeBob SquarePants, Victorious, You're Cut Off

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